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Bass clarinet, viola, and piano


Horák Conexion is an atypical chamber music ensemble. Mainly devoted to contemporary music, it is composed of bass clarinet, viola, and piano.

Due to the genuineness of its formation and the scarce repertoire written for it, the trio works in constant collaboration with renowned composers from various countries. Some of these works are compiled on the CD "A long wave in common", recorded by the trio in 2015 under the label iTinerant.

Their latest work "Café y Olvido" (translated as “Coffee and Oblivion”) narrates, in a dramatised concert, the different emotions that oblivion arouses when three strangers meet in a café. An intimate production with a sentimental atmosphere that provokes a wider listening experience. 

Horák Conexion was born in Holland, where the trio met during the last stage of their musical training. Igor Urruchi is an international reference for bass clarinet. Mario Molina combines his activity as a performer with teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid.

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