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Ana Valero hizo un alarde de timbres, recursos y expresividad.


Acclaimed for the warmth of her sound, solid technique, and great expressiveness, violist Ana Valero brings the audience the full experience of music. Her deep performance, her closeness to those listening, and the search for a meaningful message among the notes. Those are some of the features that conform the artistic personality of one of the most interesting violists at the moment.


Ana Valero has developed an international career, with outstanding appearances in major European venues such as Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), De Doelen (Rotterdam), Teatro Real (Madrid), Auditorio Nacional de Música (Madrid), Palazzo Barberini (Rome), and others in Russia, Morocco, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Sweden, and Italy. Through her concerts she aims to contribute to the promotion of the viola as a soloist instrument.


Ana Valero combines her performance activity with teaching and research, from the Viola Chair at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid and in the framework of the International University of Valencia. Within the latter, Ana carries out an in-depth investigation into chamber music written by women, with both an academic and an informative purpose.

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